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Can Reiki Help My Child?

Reiki is a safe, soothing, and relaxing treatment that can benefit everyone – from new borns to adults. It’s completely natural, with no drugs or invasive treatment involved, but still works in harmony with other treatments your child may be receiving.

In addition to physical problems and conditions, children with family worries, problems at school, exam stress or anxiety can all be helped by Reiki.


Research has shown that one in five children are struggling.

Baby's Grasp.
Display of multiple Mintaka Teddys on the treatment bed within The Cabin.

It's good to know...

...that in addition to being an accredited member of the UK Reiki Federation, I am fully insured and have a DBS Enhanced Certificate. I have also undergone extensive training in my volunteer role as a family mentor with Home-Start UK, a charity dedicated to helping families with young children facing challenging times. And I’m also a mum, so I know how horrible it is when your child isn’t well or isn’t coping. I gave my own children Reiki whenever they needed it, and I saw the benefits every time – that’s something I’d love you to experience, too.

What To Expect

All Reiki treatments can take place with a parent or guardian present, without compromising the benefits to your child. Reiki can also be carried out without the need for any discussion, so if your child doesn’t feel like talking about what's troubling them, that’s absolutely fine.


When your child comes for Reiki the very first thing I do is to encourage them to choose a Mintaka Teddy to cuddle throughout their treatment. They can take their forever friend home afterwards, perhaps returning together if they decide to come back for additional Reiki time.


I’ve been told that in stressful times during their everyday life, cuddling their Mintaka Teddy has helped reassure children that all will be well.


I’ll then ask you/their guardian to read and sign a Client Record Consent Form on your child’s behalf. This form gives me permission to ask for your child’s name and contact details, to make notes about their health or concerns, and assures you of complete confidentiality.


Taking your child’s age into consideration, I’d usually have a brief chat about what they hope to gain from the treatment, or if you'd rather you can talk to me about this in private before we meet. I’ll then explain to your child what’s going to happen, noting that I will lightly place my hands on their body, often starting at the head, then allowing my intuition to guide me to where to move to next.

As every treatment is tailored to suit your child, it’s absolutely okay for your child to move, or talk during their Reiki time. If they want to listen to music or even watch their favourite programme on your phone, then that's all good, too. Please note I recommend shoes and glasses are removed during the Reiki treatment.


The Cabin has a larger than average treatment bed, so there’ll be plenty of space for you to lie down with your child, wrapped up in blankets, and ready to enjoy 30 minutes of relaxing, healing energy. Although I focus my entire attention on your child, it’s inevitable, and an added bonus, that some of that joyous Reiki energy will be absorbed by whoever accompanies them too.


Of course, if you or your child would prefer to sit in a chair rather than lie-down, that’s absolutely fine, too.  


At the end of our Reiki time together, I’ll gently invite you both to open your eyes and, taking your time, ask you to join me for a glass of water and a chat about how everyone’s feeling.

Two Mintaka Teddys with Denise Pearson's UK Reiki Federation Certificate and DBS Certificate in the background.
Mintaka Teddy next to an illustrative painting of a person receiving Reiki.
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