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Our Clients Say

"Wonderful greeting on arrival. Excellent treatment. I have experienced many such treatments but Denise certainly delivers and I feel really good about the positive energy she has delivered. If you are even thinking about coming here, don't hesitate."

Lesley, Alsager

Hear more from Cathy, Bristol...

"I whole-heartedly recommend a Reiki treatment from Denise. She gave me my first ever Reiki treatment back in 2015 when I was going through a really tough period in my life. As a natural sceptic, I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I hoped for as I hadn’t any real knowledge of what Reiki was, but Denise put me at ease and and worked intuitively on what I needed.

That first treatment was incredible, both during and after the treatment. At the time I had a lot of physical symptoms I was struggling with including back, hip and joint pains, low mood, poor energy and more. The treatment made me realise how much stress and anxiety I was holding and I immediately felt so much better after the treatment and for a good while afterward. My aches and pains eased almost instantly, I was much more mobile, I was in a much better mood, and felt a lot lighter - like a weight had been lifted off my chest! Physically, emotionally and mentally, this treatment sparked the beginning of big changes for me. I have never had anything as powerful as that very first treatment from Denise. I know that Denise will be able to work sensitively and be extremely adaptable and flexible for anyone who comes to her for Reiki." 

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