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Here’s a home-grown example of what Reiki energy looks like!

I was with a new client this week who had never had Reiki before, and so naturally she had some questions.

After I’d explained all about the ‘energy’ of Reiki, and how it helps to restore the body’s own natural healing ability, I told her that it was my job as a Reiki therapist to help channel healing energy to my client.

She wanted to know if I could feel the energy. I said yes, adding that I hoped she’d feel it, too. But because everyone experiences energy in their own way – from feeling deeply relaxed, to perhaps feeling ripples or waves running through their body – I couldn’t predict how the Reiki experience would be for her.

What I could guarantee though, was that she’d receive exactly what she needed at that time. That’s how Reiki works.

Thankfully, my new client was fully on board with my explanation, but because Reiki energy is an invisible force, it’s understandable that some people might struggle to accept its presence.

Which got me thinking how lovely it would be if I could actually show clients what energy looked like…

…and then I noticed the lavender bushes outside The Cabin window, and I realised that there it was, in full sight, an example of what energy looked like!

You see, just one section of that row of lavender – the bit directly in front of where I stand to direct the energy to a client – was already in full bloom.

The lavender outside Mintaka Reiki in Sandbach
Early blooming lavender outside The Cabin

Weeks ahead of its normal timeframe (as the lavender bushes either side can verify) the section of lavender which regularly receives Reiki energy was already bursting with vitality and vigour.

To me, that’s what energy looks like.

The Cabin's lavender - it smells wonderful!

Reiki not only speeds up the healing process, but the body’s natural healing systems, which includes the immune system, are able to work more optimally after they’ve received extra energy.

Reiki is a restorative process that helps everyone – and everything (including lavender bushes!) to come into a natural state of balance. And when everything’s in balance, that’s when we thrive!

Until next week.

Much love,


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