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Reiki definitely helped to make this father’s day!

A new client booked in to see me this week on his way home from work. He works in a medical practice, and he explained that he’d had every test imaginable to try and get to the bottom of a crushing pain he was experiencing in his side.


The pain was constant, but especially noticeable at night, and he said that it was almost impossible for him to lie down comfortably to sleep.


He was so concerned that he'd even paid privately for a high-tech scan to try and get some answers. But every test came back negative.


Orthodox medicine didn’t have a diagnosis.


Which didn’t help my client, of course; he’d been in pain for almost a year and he didn’t know what to do next.


But then he saw one of my Blog posts on Facebook, and he remembered that Reiki had helped him several years ago to deal with a completely different ailment.


So, he decided to give Reiki another go and…


…judging by the 5 Star Review he left for me on Google the day after his Reiki Treatment, I’d say he was very happy he did!


That’s the thing about Reiki, it always finds you just when you need it most.


It certainly came at just the right time for my client, who was also facing a very stressful time at home because of a situation concerning his child.

Reiki helps with a stressful family situation
Mintaka Reiki can also help with stressful family situations

This situation had been uppermost in his mind for months, so I wondered if the two could be related: his chronic pain, and the stress and worry of dealing with his child.


My client didn’t think so, and we spoke no more about it. We didn’t need to speak any more about it though, because Reiki always goes to where it’s needed most, so I knew that if the stressful situation needed extra energy, it would get it.


You see, the thing about Reiki is, it doesn’t just help to heal physical ailments and conditions, it works on an emotional and spiritual level, too.


Whatever situation you are struggling with, Reiki will help you through it. So if you’re reading this now, and wondering if Reiki could help you too, I have only one thing to say.




And Happy Father’s Day.

Until next week,

Much love,


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