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Reiki healing helps women of a certain age!

Since I started my Sandbach Reiki practice, I’ve had clients of all ages coming to The Cabin for help with numerous situations and conditions: the youngest was only 4, and the eldest 82.


At the start of every appointment, I like to spend time asking if there’s anything in particular that my client wants Reiki to concentrate on.


Now, there’s absolutely no necessity for anyone to share their thoughts with me (although it’s rare for someone not to), because Reiki always flows to where it’s needed most anyway.


But over the weeks since Mintaka Reiki in Sandbach opened, I’ve come to notice that when I’m working with women of a certain age (of which I’m one) they rarely mention any menopausal symptoms they might be experiencing.

Reiki healing helps with all of life's stages
Whatever stage of life you're in, Mintaka Reiki in Sandbach has your back

Yet there’s been so many times, during a Reiki session, that I’ve been instinctively drawn to work on a certain area of a woman’s body – an area which they never highlighted during our earlier chat.


When I explain afterwards what I picked up on, so many of my mid-age clients confirm that they do indeed have on-going medical issues, quite often associated with menopause, pre-and-post, but admit they hadn’t thought to mention it earlier.


It’s as if they’ve just accepted that, as women of a certain age, this is their lot and they’ve learned to accept it.


Now, I’m a huge believer in acceptance, we should all strive to accept everything that is happening right now.


But that doesn’t mean that we can’t also send extra energy to our current situation, to help it improve and heal.


As women, I think we’re so busy making sure everyone else is okay that we often neglect to think about our own wellbeing.


Thankfully, though, Reiki’s always got your back.


Reiki always flows to where it’s needed most; so, as we mature, instead of having to just “put up” with the inevitable changes in our body, Reiki works to ease and improve things. Always.


So, to all you lovely ladies of a certain age, you really don’t have to suffer in silence. You just have to say yes to Reiki.

Until next week.

Much love,


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