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Are fears and phobias blighting your life?

Updated: Apr 29

A young chap contacted me the other day to ask if Reiki could help with his phobia. My answer to any question that includes the words: “Can Reiki help me with…” is always the same: “Yes!” Because Reiki always helps with every problem or situation, mental or physical.

But back to the man in question. He had a phobia of wasps, and he was dreading the onset of summer again, because he knew his phobia would hold him back from living the kind of life he wanted to live; he wanted to be out with his mates, in a lovely beer garden somewhere, enjoying the sunshine. But his fears would keep him inside, and he’d be missing out on the fun he saw everyone else having.

Sandbach Reiki Therapist Denise Pearson works with Reiki to help release fears and phobias.
Are your phobias keeping you from living the life you want?

Some phobias have deep seated root causes - a trauma or event in our childhood, can have lasting effects for many decades to come. There may even be a link between your specific phobia and the phobia or anxiety of your parents. It’s all about learned behaviours, so children may learn specific phobias by watching how a family member reacts to an object or a situation.

The wasp phobia question got me thinking if I’d ever helped anyone else deal with their phobia through Reiki. And then I remembered my son’s phobia of needles! How could I forget!

As a child, whenever our son needed an injection (which usually took place at school for whatever the standard vaccination was for kids of his age), we always knew we should be prepared for a phone call saying he’d fainted again. In our attempts to calm his fears, we tried to make a bit of a joke of it.

But his phobia was far from a laughing matter for him; he felt silly fainting in front of his friends. But he also felt scared at the thought of what was going to happen; he just couldn’t stop himself from worrying.

I have to mention here, all this took place long before I discovered the healing powers of Reiki. And thankfully, as school days were left behind and he went out into the world, the need for injections of any kind disappeared. But then fast forward a few years, when Covid-19 was upon us; the need for vaccinations returned - and so did my son’s phobia.

Sandbach Reiki Therapist Denise Pearson works with Reiki to help release fears and phobias.
Do you have a fear of needles, too?

Perhaps inevitably, at his first vaccination clinic, he fainted again. But he felt even worse this time, because he was no longer a kid, he was a man.

Thankfully, though, he wasn’t too old to tell to his mum what had happened. And this time I had Reiki to call on. If I’m honest, my son humoured me at this stage. He didn’t really believe in Reiki, although he didn’t like to admit it because, well, I’m his mum. So, he agreed to keep an open mind, to let me give him a couple of Reiki Treatments, and to just see how things went.

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When my son was called up for his second Covid-19 vaccination, he was still worried, convinced he would pass out again. But guess what - he didn’t! The whole procedure was over in a couple of minutes, and he left the vaccination centre a very happy man indeed. When call up number 3 came, he had an identical experience. No fainting - and this time, no worrying either.

Was it the Reiki that had helped him? Well, I have no doubt it was. My son, of course, ever the sceptic, insists he managed to conquer his fears on his own, the Reiki had just helped him feel more relaxed about it all. And that’s absolutely fine with me. Reiki doesn’t need a badge of recognition. The only important thing is that the phobia has gone now.

Sandbach Reiki Therapist Denise Pearson works with Reiki to help release fears and phobias.
When you're free from fear, life feels good.

Avoidance is the most common way people cope with phobias. But by avoiding the situation, often your anxiety about it gets worse. And in my son’s case, he knew he didn’t want to continue living with his irrational fear of needles.

That’s the thing about fears, they grip hold of us, and despite our rational mind telling us we’ve nothing to be afraid of, we just can’t find a way to escape them.

But Reiki is all about helping you to let go, to relax, to release whatever it is that you’ve been holding on to so tightly. You might be able to do that with just one Reiki Treatment, or you might need two or three sessions, who knows, everyone is unique. But no matter how long it takes, everyone can release their fears to Reiki.

So, to anyone reading this who perhaps has their own fear or phobia to deal with, why not consider Reiki? You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, but so much to potentially gain. Until next week.

Much love,


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