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How Reiki healing helps to release your anger.

I was with a client recently who admitted they felt very angry. Events in the outside world seemed to be out of their control and that made them furious inside.


Usually, this particular person is quite soft spoken, and they admitted they didn’t like feeling this way, but something had really pressed a button.


Thankfully, their Reiki session was able to help them deal with the situation. But anger is a powerful human emotion that we all experience from time to time, so what happens if you don’t happen to have a Reiki session booked in when the red mist descends?!


In my Mintaka Reiki in Sandbach practice, I have a picture on the wall of The Cabin which highlights the five principles of Reiki, one of which is: Just for today, I will not be angry.

The Reiki Principles at Mintaka Reiki in Sandbach
Just for today, I will not be angry...

The Reiki Principles aren’t rules, they’re spiritual ideals, a set of guidelines for living a happier and more fulfilled life.

As humans, of course, we’re all imperfect, so it would be hard to live every moment of every day within this framework. That’s why each principle begins with “Just for today.” You can, without pressure or stress, work on improving yourself daily. And if you slip up today, you can always begin again tomorrow.

It’s important to remember that anger is also a choice response, and in every confrontation that leads to anger, the person or thing pushing your anger button has complete power and control over you.

You see, if you lose control of your emotions and become angry, the other person steals your energy. Likewise, if someone gets angry at you, then you are stealing their energy.

This realisation allows you to then take back control of your emotions, so you can now choose to respond to the situation in a positive way, rather than react to the situation in a negative way, by feeling anger.

With this simple philosophy, you can counter the endless situations or people that in the past have triggered your anger, and caused you to react in an unhealthy way.

So next time someone honks their car horn at you, or criticises you for no apparent reason, why not just smile and say to yourself: “I’m not going to let you steal my energy.”

It can be a personal challenge to react in that way – but then I’m always up for a challenge! And of course, you can always book a Reiki session with me, to help you through the tough times.

Until next week.

Much love,


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