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Yet again, Reiki healing works its magic!

I’m now two months into my holistic Reiki healing practice in Sandbach, and I like to think I’ve settled into the flow of my new life.


But it still makes my heart sing when Reiki "coincidences" occur, and this week there’s certainly been several of those!


First of all, let me put my cards on the table. I don’t believe in coincidence – only meant to be.


What I mean is, when something happens in my life that seems to anyone else like a remarkable coincidence, to me it isn’t a coincidence at all – it happened that way, because it was meant to be.


So, "coincidence" number one...


While setting up my new business I ordered a car sticker to advertise my Mintaka Reiki in Sandbach practice. But I ordered the wrong one, and couldn’t use it!


Recently, however, my husband suggested we put the sticker on the glass fence that runs alongside our house, advertising the business to people walking on the other side of the canal.

A canal-side sticker advertising Mintaka Reiki in Sandbach
My meant to be Mintaka sticker!


You can image my delight when, earlier this week, a new client booked a last-minute 20-minute Reiki Taster Session, and as we walked towards The Cabin, he explained that, just a couple of hours earlier, he’d been walking along the other side of the canal, when he saw the sticker.


With growing anxiety blighting his life, he was walking along the canal trying to clear his head, when he saw the sticker and wondered if Reiki could help him.


I’m a firm believer that Reiki always finds you just when the time is right – so me ordering the "wrong" sticker was definitely meant to be, or how else would this young chap have known there was a Reiki practice right on his doorstep?


Nestled next to the canal is Mintaka Reiki in Sandbach
My canal-side Reiki practice in The Cabin


Arriving home, he showed his partner the photo of the sticker he’d taken on his phone – and she showed him an identical photo she’d taken on her phone earlier that day, while she’d been walking along the canal!


Coincidence number two?


Or was this Reiki’s way of making itself known to a family, just when they needed it most.


I’m delighted to say that after his initial 20-minute mini treatment, my new client booked himself in for a full Reiki Treatment two days later, and feeling the grip of his anxiety beginning to ease he intends to make subsequent bookings, too.


Moving on to "coincidence" number three, ever since I started my practice I’ve been thinking about maybe offering Reiki Training, for people who want to learn how to give themselves, and others, Reiki healing.


Passing on the knowledge I’ve been privileged to be part of for 15 years is a fundamental part of what Reiki is all about.


But I was still unsure if the time was right, or even whether Reiki Training in The Cabin would be something people would be interested in.


Then, yesterday, I had another appointment with my Reiki "sceptic" client.


You can read her full sceptic story below:

No longer a sceptic, she (and I) had another beautiful Reiki experience during her Treatment, and afterwards, out of the blue, she started to ask me how she’d go about learning Reiki for herself…


Coincidence? I think not!


You see, when you invite Reiki into your life, new doors always start to open for you, in ways you could never have predicted. Of course, some people might put that down to coincidence.


But I call it meant to be.


So, watch this space… Reiki Training here I come!

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