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When a Reiki sceptic finally saw the light!

Updated: May 20

This week I got so much feedback from clients, telling me how much the healing energy of Reiki has helped them.

It’s always wonderful to hear about breakthrough moments, or how pain has been reduced. Several of my clients have been genuinely emotional as they’ve recounted how their experience with Reiki has delivered much-needed healing in ways they’d never expected.


You can read some of their testimonials here:

But this week, there was one story in particular which stood out for me – for very personal reasons.


For several years now, I’ve offered Reiki to one particular wider-family member (let’s call her Julie, to maintain client confidentiality) whenever she’s been experiencing life’s lows.


But she’s always refused it.


Julie is a fully-trained, practicing, senior NHS professional. It’s her job to help people heal. So, it’s perhaps understandable that when I talk about this unseen ‘energy’ that I somehow channel into people to also help them heal, she flat refuses to accept it.


To say she’s a Reiki sceptic is an understatement!


Whenever other family members have received Reiki from me, and had obvious, and sometimes even miraculous results, Julie would always be the one to put it all down to coincidence, or the placebo effect, or whatever other reason she could think of to rationalize what had happened.


But then I set up my own Reiki practice in Wheelock. And as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my family have been nothing but supportive of my venture.

Family gather to celebrate the opening of Mintaka Reiki in Sandbach
Some of my lovely family, helping me celebrate the opening of Mintaka Reiki in Sandbach


So maybe Julie just felt she should be ‘supportive’, too?  Or maybe she was just tired of saying no. I don’t honestly know why, and it doesn’t really matter why, but for some reason Julie decided to finally take me up on my offer of a free Reiki Treatment in The Cabin. And she also booked in as a paying client for the following week, too.


I was gobsmacked!


I was also a little bit nervous; I’ve always raved about Reiki, but what if Julie left The Cabin feeling disappointed?


It wouldn’t be because Reiki hadn’t ‘worked’ – Reiki always works for your greatest and highest good – but what Reiki thinks is ‘best’ for you, might not always be exactly what you’d hoped for.


Thankfully, Julie had an almost text-book experience during her treatment, seeing a kaleidoscope of colours when she closed her eyes and feeling so deeply relaxed that she just didn’t want to move from the bed when her Reiki time was over.


She hadn’t known what to expect, but she definitely didn’t want the feelings she’d just experienced to end.


Fast forward to a couple of days ago, when Julie came back to The Cabin for her second Reiki Treatment. We hadn’t spoken since her first visit, so I was keen to know how she’d been.


A clearly emotional Julie told me she couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened:


“Den, it’s changed me! I can’t properly find the words to explain how I’ve changed, but I know I’ve changed. I feel lighter. And I can’t stop thinking about Reiki - I’m sort of obsessed by it!”


How wonderful is that?!


Her scepticism had been replaced by a sense of awe.

A sense of awe after experiencing Mintaka Reki in sandbach
Reiki can inspire a sense of awe


Julie then admitted that she’d wished she’d taken me up on my many offers of Reiki in the past. “Why did I wait so long?” she said. But the way I see it, Reiki always finds you when the time is right, which is usually just when you need it most.


Julie’s experience also got me thinking about those of you reading this who, like her, may be a little sceptical about whether Reiki ‘works’ or whether it’s right for you.


There really is only one way to find out, and that’s to have a Reiki Treatment - which is why I’ve created a special 20 minute Reiki Starter Treatment (costing £20) for those of you still unsure about whether to commit.


You’ll experience exactly the same healing energy as a full treatment, it just won’t last as long…


And hopefully, like Julie, once you’ve felt the blissful healing benefits of Reiki, and discovered for yourself how it can help both physical and emotional needs, your scepticism can finally take a step back.


Who knows, you too might even end up becoming obsessed!


To book your 20 minute Reiki Starter Treatment, just click below:


Until next week.

Much love,


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