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Wondering what to buy for Father’s Day? I might have the answer!

At my Mintaka Reiki in Sandbach practice I’ve put together a special Father’s Day gift package, which can be delivered for FREE on Sunday June 16 (within 5 miles of Sandbach).

A Mintaka Reiki in Sandbach bear is part of the Father's Day Gift Package
The Father's Day Gift Package, for a blissful Reiki experience

Sadly, I don’t have my own dad around anymore to spoil, but after amassing 15 years of experience in Reiki healing, I’d love to channel some of that incredible healing energy to your dad.

Reiki Therapist Denise Pearson with her dad
Me and my dad - way back when!

Costing just £35 (the same price as a regular Reiki Treatment), this gift-wrapped surprise includes a mini Mintaka Bear and pen, plus a voucher entitling your dad to a blissfully healing 45-minute Reiki Treatment in The Cabin. 

Pronounced 'ray-key', Reiki is a simple, natural and safe healing technique that can be used for stress reduction and relaxation, which in turn promotes the body’s own natural healing ability. It could be just what your dad needs right now!

So for the man in your life who has everything else, there really isn’t a more precious gift you could give him.

To book, just click:

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